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Mining equipment, technology and services

Empowering mining equipment, technology and services (METS) industry success in Australia

Australia’s diverse mineral wealth

With the Australian Government’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030 now in place, the government’s vision to grow Australia’s mining and critical minerals sector is aggressive. This, coupled with the global goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, provides a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to bring their METS to market in Australia.

Navigating regulatory compliance in the mining sector

Mining is already 11.5 per cent of Australia’s $1.7 trillion economy, an economy in which METS contribute $92 billion.

As you’d expect from a market that consumes mining equipment on this scale, the regulatory environment for the registration of mining and resource exploration equipment is mature and extensive.

We empower our global METS clients to set up a robust legal framework and navigate the regulatory complexity seamlessly ensuring successful registration and market success in Australia.

We partner with you to:

We set up a strong legal base for your Australian operations:

  • design and establish the best business structure to meet your Australian and overseas commercial objectives
  • ensure your parent entity is protected as far as legally permissible from Australian damages claims
  • manage all corporate and registration requirements for a foreign-owned subsidiary business structure
  • navigate the relevant mining legislation and state mining regulations to satisfy a successful registration for equipment that is:
    • specifically designed for mining, or
    • general industry plant that is used across multiple industries, including mining.
  • work with you to explain the obligations of the manufacturer so as to mitigate risk and stop hazards from being introduced
  • work with an independent design verifier to obtain registration of equipment and, where necessary, implement a hierarchy of measures for when a risk can’t be eliminated
  • process post approval or rejection of a design.

We ensure your assets and operations are safeguarded:

  • confirm your distribution agreements are appropriate for the Australian market
  • prepare and negotiate contractual documents
  • advise on your employment contracts for any Australian employees and ensure you comply with Australian statutory obligations to employees
  • review your standard contract clauses to ensure they can be defended in Australia
  • ensure your Australian operations comply with tax, consumer protection and environmental requirements
  • ensure you understand your work health and safety duties and implement them to avoid any personal liability
  • advise on intellectual property protection.


  • cross-border disputes
  • contractual disputes
  • intellectual property protection
  • consumer protection disputes
  • enforcement of distribution agreements
  • urgent injunctive relief to protect your interests

With your legal affairs safely in our hands, you can concentrate on achieving your business goals. Whether it’s expanding your market presence, developing new technologies, or enhancing operational efficiencies, we’ve got the legal side covered.

We understand that each business has unique needs. Our approach is tailored to match your specific requirements, ensuring you receive relevant and effective legal guidance.
The METS sector is dynamic and requires a deep understanding of both legal and industry trends. Our expertise means you’re always ahead of the curve, legally and commercially.
Our decades of experience acting for businesses from Europe, the UK, the US, and specifically those from Norway and German-speaking regions ensure your effortless entry into the Australian market.

Mining plant and equipment registration

Australia is famous for its natural wealth of coal, iron ore, and gold. It is also abundant in critical minerals essential for the energy, transport, aerospace, defence, medical, automotive, and telecommunications sectors.

The Australian regulatory environment for the registration of mining and resource exploration equipment is extensive. To find out more, enter your details below and we’ll email you a copy of the Mining Plant and Equipment Registration guide.

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