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Argyll Law’s clients’ diverse spectrum of industries converge at the forefront of innovation and sustainability
Cosmetics, cleaning products and industrial chemicals
Health, life sciences and biotech
Manufacturing Equipment
Mining equipment, technology and services


Cosmetics, cleaning products and industrial chemicals

Argyll Law’s clients are foreign companies who want to enter the Australian cosmetics and industrial chemical market or who already operate here and want to take advantage of the abundant opportunities in this sector. Governed by the rigorous Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (ACIS), Australia’s high standards for product safety, environmental protection and consumer confidence can be a minefield.

You will benefit from our legal expertise as you appoint an Australian introducer and navigate AICIS regulations. We partner with you to optimise your operations and minimise the risks for your company’s expansion and ongoing operations in this market.

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Health, life sciences and biotech

We facilitate the entry of global innovators into Australia’s lucrative life sciences and biotech market. We work with clients who have biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical products, medical devices or who want to run clinical trials to make the most of the opportunities for their imported products.

While Australia boasts a mature market and transparent legal framework, navigating TGA approval and finding a local sponsor involves compliance with regulations from different authorities. We guide you through the sponsorship and registration process, to ensure you have the appropriate structure to import and supply health products successfully into Australia. And we continue to collaborate with you to ensure your ongoing compliance with Australia’s regulatory intricacies throughout your journey in the Australian market.

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Manufacturing equipment

Argyll Law represents global manufacturing clients who recognise the rewards of expanding into Australia’s manufacturing ecosystem. With government incentives available to grow Australia’s onshore manufacturing capabilities, our clients take advantage of these opportunities to import their cutting-edge equipment and enhance the industry’s productivity and competitiveness.

You will profit from our tailored support to establish robust Australian operations, comply with regulatory standards and certifications, protect parent entities from legal risks, and ensure adherence to workplace health and safety and consumer protection laws.

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Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) play a critical role in revolutionising the mining industry in Australia. Our global METS clients drive safety, efficiency and sustainability in this market with ground-breaking technologies like automation, data analytics and eco-friendly practices which are transforming operations.

We empower you to set up a robust legal framework and navigate the regulatory complexity seamlessly, to ensure a smooth entry into and ongoing market success in Australia.

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client base

Our clients are overseas companies ranging from niche operations to multinationals with thousands of employees and billions in turnover. Every client receives the same detailed attention and dedication to their commercial goals.

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