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Australia’s cosmetics and industrial chemical sector powerhouse

With a commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, Australia’s cosmetics and industrial chemistry sector provides a wealth of opportunities for overseas companies wanting to operate in the Australian market. With a robust regulatory framework for cosmetics and industrial chemicals, overseen by the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), Australia has high standards for product safety, environmental protection and consumer confidence.

Thriving in Australia’s chemical market

At Argyll Law, we have successfully helped clients start importing their cosmetics and other industrial chemical products into Australia. We understand the advantages to your company of expanding into the Australian market.

Our legal expertise is your asset in navigating the complex AICIS regulatory landscape. We facilitate the seamless importation of your cosmetics, cleaning products and other industrial chemicals into Australia. You will receive advice that helps you realise the maximum benefits of operating in Australia with the least risk.

We partner with you to:

This includes:

  • design and establish the best business structure to meet your Australian and overseas commercial objectives
  • ensure your parent entity is protected as far as legally permissible from Australian damages’ claims
  • understand and meet the requirements for registering your products/chemicals with the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS)
  • establish an Australian introducer for your products
  • manage all corporate and registration requirements for a foreign-owned subsidiary business structure where required
  • correctly categorise the chemical you intend to import or manufacture
  • understand and meet your obligations to keep records about the introduction of the chemical, the total value of the chemicals and submit an annual declaration about the chemicals imported or manufactured during the registration year
  • if the product is for consumer use, ensure your product complies with Australia’s broad consumer laws
  • ensure compliance with Australia’s Trade Description and Trade Measurement Laws.
With your legal affairs securely in our hands, you can concentrate on reaching your business goals. Whether it’s expanding your market presence, developing new products, or enhancing operational efficiencies, we have the legal side covered.
  • ensure your distribution agreements are appropriate for the Australian market
  • ensure compliance on your employment contracts for any Australian employees and ensuring compliance with your Australian statutory obligations to employees
  • ensure you have a robust agreement with your Australian introducer
  • review your standard contract clauses to ensure they can be defended in Australia
  • prepare and/or negotiate your Australian contracts
  • ensure Australian operations comply with tax, consumer protection and environmental requirements
  • ensure you understand your work health and safety duties and implement them to avoid any personal liability
  • advise on your intellectual property protection.


  • cross-border disputes
  • contractual disputes
  • intellectual property protection
  • consumer protection disputes
  • enforcement of distribution agreements, including compelling introducer transfers
  • urgent injunctive relief to protect client interests.
We understand your business has unique needs. We tailor our advice to match the intended scale and size of your business in Australia. This way you will receive the most effective legal guidance from the outset to achieve your commercial goals.

Australia’s industrial chemistry sector is transforming rapidly. This is driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes and an evolving market. Our industry experience means you’re always ahead of the curve, legally and commercially.

With more than 30 years’ experience acting for businesses from Europe, the UK, the US and specifically companies from Norway and German-speaking countries, we ensure your smooth entry into the Australian market.

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Our clients are overseas companies ranging from niche operations to multinationals with thousands of employees and billions in turnover. Every client receives the same detailed attention and dedication to their commercial goals.

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