Fiona Henderson


German-speaking lawyer acting for international businesses

Helping you build your bottom line with strong legal foundations

For over three decades, Fiona Henderson, founder and principal of Argyll Law, has been dedicated to serving corporate clients across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, the USA and beyond operate in the Australian market.

With a focus on building your bottom line, Fiona specialises in providing robust legal support tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a solid foundation and ongoing protection within the Australian market.

With a keen interest in manufacturing, Fiona skilfully facilitates your expansion into Australia, navigating regulatory complexities and corporate requirements on your behalf to maximise the benefits to you while minimising your risks.

Fiona understands the strategies businesses use to navigate different cultural, legal and economic environments across the globe and operate successfully in multiple countries. She uses this understanding to seamlessly coordinate your businesses’ compliance with Australian laws, leading you to confident and successful business activities.

Fiona’s recent clients have included:

  • An Austrian manufacturer of glass processing machinery and laser machines
  • A German listed manufacturer of woodworking equipment
  • A German manufacturer of mining equipment
  • An Australian hardware wholesaler
  • A Norwegian healthcare information and communication technology (ICT) developer.
  • A USA listed manufacturer of power transmission and fibre optic products
  • A Swiss transport and logistics company
  • A USA private-equity group focusing on high performance beauty products
  • A German family-owned manufacturer of cleaning products
  • A New Zealand health and wellness brand of supplements and skincare
  • An Italian manufacturer of medical devices
  • A Swiss manufacturer of high-end structural bearings and expansion joints
  • A Norwegian manufacturer of high-end boats and smart ferries
  • An Australian inventor of a system for installing tyre and rim assemblies on mining and construction equipment
  • A US biopharmaceutical company

An uncompromising friend

Fiona’s clients gain a trusted ally – someone who understands their business and has their back.

They benefit from advice that is frank, strategic, uncompromising, and always carefully considered to achieve commercial objectives.

Respected advocate

Clients profit from Fiona’s reputation in the Australian legal profession which is built on an honest, ethical and straight-shooting approach.

Chosen by other lawyers to defend their and their family’s private interests, she will not mislead, but neither will she back down in the face of aggressive tactics.

And she never gives up.

Highly qualified

Clients benefit from Fiona’s experience as a non-executive director/council member dealing with assets and turnovers of $100+ million.

She has a master’s degree in corporate and commercial law.

She is also a notary public which allows her to certify the international documents often needed by her multinational clients.

Fluent German speaker

For Fiona’s clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland it can be an advantage that she is a German-speaking Australian lawyer.

It can speed things up and it makes it easier that she can deal with  witnesses and documents in their original German.

Fiona’s approach to the law

Fiona represents astute individuals and businesses ranging in size from small to billions of dollars in turnover. They conduct themselves with integrity and deal fairly, but they want to protect themselves assertively in the event of a dispute.

Strategic Dispute Resolution

Strategic legal advice is not about winning the legal argument. A legal strategy is about achieving the best commercial outcome. Half of Fiona’s cases are resolved without going to court, and 85% of those that go to court settle before the final hearing. Clients profit from these settlements, which often permit commercial outcomes that would not have been possible in court.

The past five years of disputes settled, damages awarded, injunctions granted, claims dismissed and property reinstated have been worth over $100 million to her clients.

Results like these are made possible by attention to the detail, whether the decisive detail is found in a spreadsheet with 300,000 lines, in an expert report or in understanding the engineering behind a complex piece of machinery. This is why the best outcomes are usually reserved for the businesses and companies with the best-prepared lawyers. Whatever your business, Fiona will get to the crux of the issues quickly.

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